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We are two weeks away from the official start of spring. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, achieving a healthy balance becomes a paramount goal for promoting overall wellbeing. Over the past few years I’ve put on a lot of weight prioritising the wrong things, maybe that’s strong. I’ve prioritised work mostly; it’s not a bad thing. I need to find more balance. I need to be able to perform at a high level in work and balance my wellbeing and my family’s wellbeing. Over the past few months, I have started to make an effort to shed the excess again. Since embarking on my journey, I’m down three belt notches. I didn’t want to weigh myself at the start; I knew it would be a scary number. I’ve really taken steps to be better, playing golf, swimming, walking, using Headspace and Balance Apps and the latest addition has been to onboard to the Second Nature Project. In the spirit of embracing this philosophy, our family has taken a proactive approach to balancing work, exercise, rest, food and mental health. From rounds of golf squeezed in where possible to leisurely walks and refreshing swimming sessions at the Lough Erne Resort, I am determined to create a harmonious balance that benefits us individually and strengthens our family bonds.

One of the fundamental pillars of our pursuit of balance is incorporating outdoor activities into our daily routine. Whether it’s traversing the golf courses, taking leisurely strolls around the resort or Enniskillen, or enjoying invigorating swimming sessions and sometimes relaxing swimming sessions, being surrounded by nature again has proven to be a therapeutic escape from the demands of daily life. The crisp air, the sounds of birds chirping, and the beauty of the outdoors around here serve as a refreshing backdrop to our collective efforts to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I do still sometimes miss the sound of the Ocean in the background; however, what we have found here in Enniskillen has its own unique charm.

I’ve spent too many years not making time for exercise and exercise is a crucial component of a balanced and healthy life. This year, our family has decided to explore various avenues of physical activity to keep things exciting. While my wife has taken up rowing with the local club here as a challenging yet rewarding sport, I’ve found solace in swimming and the occasional gym session. Now, I’m encouraging our four children to engage in team sports that not only promotes their physical health but also fosters valuable life skills such as teamwork, communication, and discipline.

I was them to build good relationships with their fellow team members. The move away from Donegal in 2022 brought about a shift in our family dynamic, particularly in terms of the kids’ involvement in team sports. I think we all found it tough to walk away from the football, rowing and other sports and activities in Inver. Recognising the importance of social connections and the benefits of team sports, we are making it a mission to reintegrate our children into such activities in the new area. Whether it’s football, basketball, rugby or any other sport they find appealing, the emphasis is on building camaraderie, making friends, and enjoying the sense of belonging that comes with being part of a team.

In the pursuit of balance, it’s crucial not to overlook the delicate equilibrium between work and rest. We have brought our family up to be industrious and continuously busy, working hard and always finding something to do. Our family is now mading a conscious effort to establish clear boundaries when it comes to work commitments, ensuring that quality time is devoted to play, rest and relaxation. Whether it’s a cosy movie night or simply listening to music, these moments of respite will contribute significantly to our overall well-being.

As we navigate the challenges of modern life, finding a healthy balance becomes a continuous journey rather than a destination. We hope by incorporating outdoor activities, embracing diverse forms of exercise, prioritising team sports for our children, and striking a balance between work and rest, our family is committed to making 2024 a year of holistic well-being. May this year remind us all that true harmony comes from nurturing our physical, mental, and emotional health, ultimately creating a foundation for a fulfilling and balanced life.

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